EV Charging Revenue Calculator


Enter charger type, AmpUp network plan, and usage information using the dropdown menus and sliders to estimate potential revenue.


Be sure to choose the appropriate AmpUp Plan and Charger in the top left corner, plus the number of ports in the bottom left corner, before adjusting the sliders. 


Compare different usage, energy cost, and price settings to find the right balance for your property.

Need more guidance? See full Revenue Calculator instructions below

The AmpUp EV Charging Revenue Calculator works best on laptop, desktop, or horizontal phone and tablet orientations.

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How to estimate revenue from your EV chargers

  1. Select ‘Choose AmpUp Plan’ in the top right corner to determine which SaaS plan you will be using at your site.

    Most customers choose AmpUp Core, as it provides them the revenue collection and user access management features they require.
  2. Choose the charger kW output. Most customers purchase a Level 2 charger for their workplace, multi-unit dwelling, hotel, community, or other commercial property.

    Level 2 chargers for these commercial applications typically output 11.5kW and can charge a vehicle in 6 to 8 hours.
  3. Select the average electric rate per kWh that your property pays the utility by moving the sliding bar.
  4. Select the desired price you would charge EV drivers to use your stations, either by $ per kWh OR by $ per hour, by moving the the appropriate sliding bar.
  5. Estimate how many hours the charger will be used per day by moving the sliding bar under ‘Estimated Utilization’.

    Note: Utilization can vary due to many factors such as public availability of the charger and the number of tenants driving EVs.
  6. Enter the total number of ports measured by the number of charging cables to be installed at your site in the bottom left corner.

    Example: Four dual-port charging stations = 8 ports

Understand your EV charging revenue results

Gross Charging Revenue 

The estimated total revenue your EV chargers would generate on an annual basis based on the parameters you input

Net Charging Revenue

The estimated total revenue your EV chargers would generate on an annual basis after electricity and software costs are subtracted

Annual Profit 

The estimated total profit your EV chargers would generate annually. Profit generated from using AmpUp can help pay for a one-time project such as a new electrical panel, trenching, installation, and even the charge stations themselves.

EV Charger Revenue Calculator Results

Cumulative Profit Chart

The estimated amount of total profit your EV chargers would generate year over year, displayed up to 5 total years.

Annual Electricity Cost

The estimated electric costs you would pay to your utility for the charging stations on an annual basis, determined by the selected utilization rate and the set average energy cost per kWh to the utility.

Electricity + Software Cost

The estimated total of electric costs you would pay to your utility for the charging stations and the cost of running the AmpUp software on an annual basis based on the selected calculator inputs.



EV charging adoption rates are rising each month across the continent in each region.

Check your local EV adoption rates and their predicted growth to understand how they might change - and increase potential revenue. 


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