Effortless Charging

Comprehensive charging solutions for the growing EV community

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Simple Charging Management

Effortlessly deploy and manage commercial EV charging

Superior customer support and a simple platform UI design to empower your EV community

Open platform compliance means hardware choice without a software lock-in

EV Management the AmpUp Way

Build Your EV Business

AmpUp makes all aspects of deploying EV chargers effortless–for everyone in the EV community



Comprehensive solution with effortless integration across hardware, software, and support

Powerful, easy-to-use software with access control, revenue collection, load management and more

Interoperable with almost any hardware – with a robust certification program to ensure reliability and ease of use

Effortless installation powered by real-time connections for installers

Knowledgeable, friendly team supporting you and your community

By industry

AmpUp solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different customers and use cases

for Drivers

The first driver app to offer EV charger reservations

Pay quickly in-app, with RFID card, or on a web browser

Search the in-app charger map to plan convenient EV charging sessions

Our Tested
and Trusted

Our solutions are hardware agnostic and operate on industry-leading L2 and DCFC chargers. AmpUp only deploys our software on hardware that has passed our rigorous testing process to ensure uptime.

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Our passion for clean energy and sustainability is simple: AmpUp is committed to enabling new technologies that transform the world’s transportation for improved environmental and human health.

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