The AmpUp Story

AmpUp makes EV charging effortless through a holistic, connected approach to smart charging. By understanding the challenges drivers, property managers, and installers face firsthand, we make EV charging simple, speedy, and reliable.

Founded in 2018

AmpUp Team B Roll


AmpUp was founded in 2018 and incubated by the YCombinator accelerator. The company was formed by electric vehicle drivers to solve a problem that many others experience: owning an electric car without home charging. AmpUp first released a mobile app to build a shared charging network. The service quickly grew into a commercial and fleet solution which is now leveraged by properties of all types today.

Environmental Stewardship

Our passion for clean energy and sustainability is unwavering. AmpUp is committed to transforming transportation for environmental and human health. Our solutions allows customers to make a step change in greenhouse gas reduction. AmpUp incorporates sustainable practices in our daily operations as well as our long-term objectives.

Group 2054

Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the best of our ability

Group 2054

Support our clients in their carbon reduction and net zero emission goals

Group 2054

Educate our employees, partners, and clients on the environment, especially on issues related to transportation electrification and air quality

Group 2054

Advocate for EV adoption and transportation electrification 

Group 2054

Participate in working groups, advisory councils, non-profit organizations, and similar public forums to advance green initiatives on local, national, and global levels

Backed by Leading Technology
and Mobility Firms

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