Integrating EV Charging 
into Property Management

Because your job isn’t all about EV charging - that’s ours.

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Provide charging as the essential 21st century housing amenity for your tenants

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Manage multiple EV charging stations and sites in a single, easy-to-use platform

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Receive ESG sustainability reports in one click to share with your stakeholders

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Customer support for you and your drivers when you need it

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Deploy on certified, reliable hardware without brand lock-in

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AmpUp solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different customers and use cases.

AmpUp supports every building’s unique and changing EV charging access needs.

Provide the Simple 
Charging Experience

Charging begins with a quick in-app QR code scan or RFID card tap, including option to integrate on existing keyfobs

Set in-app reservations and time limit settings to ensure sharing among drivers

Receive knowledgeable AmpUp Customer Support from the team that’s ready to help you and your EV drivers when you need it

Control access with unlimited user groups to differentiate charging permissions for executives, employees, property managers, guests, and the public

Generate revenue with public charging pricing that correlates to changing energy costs throughout the day 

Control costs and generate revenue

Deploy the most efficient EV charging network to save on energy and costs.

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AmpUp’s proprietary Load Management control feature keeps energy use below peak across multiple stations in a single site

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Implement time-of-day pricing to encourage 
off-peak charging

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Option to require payment from certain user groups to offset installation and energy costs

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AmpUp’s streamlined installation process 
reduces installation costs 

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The Flexibility
and Reliability You Need

Support your users’ diverse needs with the EV solutions they require–all on one platform.

AmpUp integrates with 20+ hardware brand choices so that you can select the charging hardware brand and station model that fits your property’s needs

Provide network software access to several property managers

AmpUp provides 20% higher uptime over industry average thanks to extensive in-house unit testing, so your users can rely on AmpUp-powered chargers

Adding EV charging as an amenity doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Take Advantage
of Financing and Incentives

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AmpUp is approved on 40+ incentive programs throughout North America

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Receive rebates from utilities and government agencies to offset installation costs

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AmpUp provides affordable and fast financing solutions

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Work with AmpUp’s Government & Utilities team to take advantage of regional offers

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