Putting EV Charging in Your Hands

Group 2399

Find EV chargers on the AmpUp network on your route and in your community

Group 2400

Reserve the charging station and time slot ahead of time for extra assurance

Group 2406

Scan a QR code at the station or tap your RFID card to get started

Group 2405

For paid charging stations, select the Pay-As-You-Go or the Driver Wallet method

Path 7444 - Outline

Monitor your charging session progress from the AmpUp mobile app

Group 2408

Receive reminders when your EV is charged, and get on your way!

Professional Reliability & Support

Group 2039

EV Drivers can rely on AmpUp’s 99.5% server uptime

Group 2039

Contact Customer Support in the app, online, and over the phone

Group 2039

Reach out to Support@ampup.io to submit a request - we’re always looking to improve!

Professional Reliability & Support

AmpUp provides charging management and networking for 20+ tested and trusted hardware partners, and we connect properties with the local EV charger incentive programs that make installations possible.

Get Your Property EV Ready