The EV Installation Resources You Need

AmpUp provides the resources you need to see your EV charger installation projects through.

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 AmpUp’s step-by-step Installer Quick Start Guide helps you activate stations in seconds 

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Remote troubleshooting support available, should you need it

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Ample charging management resources for your customers

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Dedicated AmpUp Government and Utilities Team to connect your customers to rebates and incentives


Advanced features like Load Management reduce installation intensity while providing adequate charging stations

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Deploy EV charging stations at any commercial property, including multifamily housing, workplaces, municipalities, and more

Charger Registration in Seconds

AmpUp changed the game when it comes to EV charger installations

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Follow AmpUp’s Installer Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions

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Scan a QR Code to register each station with the AmpUp network in seconds

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Input the panel kWh limits right from your phone, tablet, or laptop to enable Load Management features

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Reach out to AmpUp’s remote troubleshooting support should you need it


Connect your clients with the EV charging hardware right for their project

Deploy Tested and
Trusted EV Charger Hardware

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20+ AmpUp-approved hardware partners to choose from

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Select L2 and/or DCFC charging stations to meet each project’s requirements

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Ensure high uptime for clients thanks to AmpUp’s rigorous hardware testing process

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EV Charging Distribution Across North America

Find AmpUp-powered charging stations at trusted electrical distributors

AmpUp Does Charging Management the Easy Way

Leave your EV charger installation sites knowing your customers are in good hands

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AmpUp provides site hosts with essential charger management analytics and controls

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Provide clients with revenue management, Tap and Charge RFID capabilities, Load Management, and ESG Reporting all in one platform

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Clients will have access to AmpUp Customer Support for remote troubleshooting through the lifetime of the chargers