AmpUp pole-mounted Level 2 chargers

How pole-mounted Level 2 EV chargers will transform urban charging



Pole-mounted Level 2 EV chargers may revolutionize city EV charging, and companies like AmpUp are deploying these smart, compact charging stations.


What are pole-mounted Level 2 EV chargers? They’re exactly what they sound like – EV charging stations mounted on existing utility or lighting poles along streets. This clever integration uses existing infrastructure, significantly reducing installation costs and time. Installing EV chargers on utility poles reduces costs by 70%.

The pole-mounted Level 2 EV chargers can be placed in high-density areas where bulkier charging stations aren’t practical. With Level 2 chargers, EVs can gain up to 35 miles of range per hour of charging, making them ideal for urban areas where EV drivers often park for extended periods – whether it’s for shopping, eating out, or overnight charging near their apartment.

The urban charging challenge. EV drivers need dedicated parking spaces with charging stations, but many city dwellers must park on the street. Pole-mounted chargers bring the charger to the EV rather than vice versa.

This setup uses what’s already in place, thus minimizing the visual and physical clutter that can come with adding new street-level infrastructure – a win-win for both EV drivers and city planners. Plus, as EV adoption grows, pole-mounted chargers can be easily added to more locations without extensive construction.


AmpUp: Pioneering smart charging solutions. AmpUp, a partner in successful pole-mounted Level 2 charging pilots in Melrose, Massachusetts, and Burlington, Vermont, offers a comprehensive suite of charging solutions. AmpUp's smart charging platform ensures that these stations are easy to find, use, and integrate seamlessly with existing energy grids.

AmpUp’s platform leverages real-time data and analytics to optimize charging schedules and reduce costs. The app allows EV drivers to find available chargers and monitor their car’s charging status.

The future of urban EV charging is bright, and pole-mounted Level 2 chargers are a significant part of that future. Companies like AmpUp are providing intelligent, scalable solutions for city-dwelling EV drivers who don’t have access to home chargers.

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