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The Electrician’s Guide to Fast EV Charger Installation


Fast Installation for a Fast-Growing Industry

In the rapidly evolving world of EV charging, time is of the essence.

EV Charging Port Growth 2023 from 'Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Trends from the Alternative Fueling Station Locator: Second Quarter 2023'According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator, there are 172,323 charging ports - or EVSE ports* - and counting. With a goal to support 33 million EVs by 2030, the race is on.

As we navigate this electrifying journey, the real game-changer in getting charging stations up and running won’t just be where they are put or how many are built - it’ll be how they’re installed. Quick and efficient charging station installation is crucial to building the EV charging infrastructure we need.

Image: 'Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Trends from the Alternative Fueling Station Locator: Second Quarter 2023' from NREL

*Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) supplies electricity to an electric vehicle (EV). Commonly called charging stations or charging ports, they provide electric power to the vehicle and use that to recharge the vehicle's batteries.

Navigating EV Charging as an Electrician

What should you look for in the EV chargers you install? What problems are electricians currently facing at the job site? How can you avoid these issues in the first place?

Below is a handy guide for electricians to learn the ins and outs of EV charging installation. This guide is all about making your job quicker and more efficient, so you can get more charging stations up and running at more properties to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle amenities.

Streamlined EV Charger Activation ProcessEV charging station with electric vehicle at parking lot

  • Industry Challenges: Hopping from one job to the next can be a headache when each job involves difficult charger registration processes. The hours spent on phone calls, the time lost while dealing with administrative paperwork - along with unexpected requirements like setting up new software while balancing a laptop and an RJ45 network cable - can feel excessive and far beyond the scope of an electrician's typical responsibilities. 

Now, you can get stations up and running in mere seconds.

  • Efficient Activation: It's possible with current EV charging network technology to have an installation go as simply as 1) scan a QR code, 2) quickly register the station online from your mobile device, and 3) be done. 

To ensure your job goes smoothly, select networked EV charging stations from companies that focus on easy installation in a just a few steps.

Intelligent EV Charger Selection

The choice between smart and conventional chargers is critical. Who wants a ‘dumb’ charger anyway?

  • Conventional Charging Solutions:  Also known as a "dumb" EV charger, this is a basic charging station designed solely for dispensing power to an electric vehicle without any additional functionality.
  • Smart Charging Solutions: Smart chargers communicate via a network connection to share key data with the station owner, the electric car, and the grid. Chargers powered by smart charging networks offer charger owners advanced features like revenue collection, private access groups, and energy management, providing your clients with greater control over their charging infrastructure. Each of these features are only possible on ‘smart’ chargers, making them a true necessity for 21st century commercial properties.

High EV Charger Uptime: The Need for Rigorous Testing

To ensure high charger uptime and a quality product for your customers, ensure that every unit you install undergoes a rigorous hardware and software testing process. 

Install EV chargers that are pre-commissioned with network software when possible, and check with the provider to learn about their testing standards. This will ensure that your customers receive the highest level of: 

  • Electrician installing electric vehicle (EV) charging station on commercial propertyReliability: Since you are responsible for installing and maintaining charging units in the field, the units need to perform consistently. Rigorous testing ensures that each unit has a reliably high uptime and is less likely to fail.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High uptime means the charging stations are operational when in use, directly increasing customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your services, leading to more business opportunities for future EV charging installations.
  • Safety: Rigorous testing also means that safety standards are thoroughly met, which is paramount in any electrical job. This protects not only the users of the charging stations, but also you and your team.
  • Efficiency: Units with high uptime require less troubleshooting and repair, allowing you to allocate your time and resources more efficiently to other, high-revenue projects.

With thorough testing pre-installation by charger software and hardware brands, your hard work installing EV chargers will be successful. 

Remote Troubleshooting: Support When You Need It

As of October 5th, 2023, the U.S. Department of Energy tallied a staggering 4,000 public EV charging stations that are currently out of order. 

  • Customer Support for Smart EV Charging Station NetworkIndustry Challenges: The need to return to a job site multiple times due to non-functional charging stations not only disrupts your workflow, but also wastes valuable time and resources. It can lead to increased costs, inefficiencies, and a general sense of inconvenience in an already demanding profession.
  • Premier Technical Support: Support for EV Chargers is an invaluable resource. Great customer service ensures that any issues are resolved quickly and keeps your project on track for you and your customers.

EV charger providers are working hard to ensure that stations stay in commission, but repairs are necessary as with any product. Great EV charging providers are ready to collaborate with you to get problem stations back online quickly. 

Select charging stations from companies who provide top-tier customer service for you and your clients to ensure the stations you install remain in service. 

Power Load Management Features Upgrade Your EV Charger Installations

Advanced Load Management allows electricians to set the maximum panel power capacity across a bank of chargers. Charger owners to adjust the site maximum on an ongoing basis using simple charger management software. Load Management for EV charging has many benefits, including:

  • Avoiding Overloads: Prevents panel and grid overloads - common EV charger pain points - especially in areas with limited power availability
  • Installation Flexibility: Allows for more charging stations in locations with restricted power capacity thanks to power allocation according to the number of vehicles charging at a given time
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming electrical upgrades by maximizing existing infrastructure, allowing for installation now without waiting on major equipment shipments or local grid upgrades
  • Future-proofing: Prepares installations for increasing EV adoption and subsequent power demands

Key Points to Remember at the EV Charging Job Site

By leveraging the latest in smart charging resources and staying ahead of the latest industry developments, you play a pivotal role as an electrician in expanding sustainable EV infrastructure. Remember to… 

  • Prioritize technical efficiency and precision.
  • Check in on the hardware and software you install. Is it designed with your job as an electrician in mind? How rigorous is the testing process?
  • Remain adaptable to new technologies. It is essential in this evolving sector.

AmpUp EV Charger Electrician Installer NetworkReady to get started? Reach out to AmpUp to learn how we’ve redefined EV charger installation to make your job easier. 

Learning the world of EV charging is anything but simple. That’s why AmpUp is here to simplify charger installation, operation, and management, along with help navigating regional incentives and hardware options. 

AmpUp’s fast installation process is designed with electricians in mind. Just scan a QR code with your phone or tablet and input charger information in a few clicks. 

That's it! No more on-site panel limit adjustments, no more long registration phone calls. Just simple, reliable charging resources for you and your business. 

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