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Workplace Charging Systems

Workplace Charging

Headache-free charger scheduling service for your employees.


Charging Made Simple

Reduce capex by better utilizing your chargers with reservations vs. installing more. Avoid the need to constantly upgrading your infrastructure.

Access control

Happy Employees

Your drivers will highly appreciate that you’re thoughtful of their time: less time hunting for an open charger means more time being productive.


Maximize Sustainability

EV chargers help build a sustainable image and earn you LEED credits.


Reduce Costs

We offer the lowest maintenance and networking costs while providing options to earn revenues from EV drivers.


Why ampUp?

✓ Easy maintenance
✓ Public charging functionality
✓ Simple access control
✓ Power throttling
✓ Penalty settings
✓ Reminders and notifications
✓ White labeling

Get Exactly What You Want

ampUp’s software features can come in bundles with nice discounts or a la carte. Any features like dynamic access, dynamic pricing, scheduling, and openADR can be packaged differently to suit your exact needs.
Our extremely flexible software also runs on multiple hardware. Please check them out in our partners’ page.

Visit our Business Solutions page to see all our features and benefits

Ready to ampUp?

Our team of EV charging experts is here to assess and help you through the process of finding the best solution.
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