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Ampup EV charging software management dashboard (-banner?)

User friendly at its core.

View real-time analytics and receive monthly reporting

Manage multiple user groups and access in one place

Optimize your station energy usage and cost

Track CO2 saved and other sustainability metrics

Cash out revenue with direct deposit

Everything you need

Driver Reservations

Drivers can be sure a charger is available by reserving in advance.

Driver RFID Card

Charge with the tap of an RFID card. AmpUp supports adding charging to an RFID the driver already has (for example, a building badge).

Location Access Control

Publish charging stations to the AmpUp mobile app, Google Maps, and PlugShare, or keep them private.

Driver Access Groups

Control access and pricing for specific groups of drivers, including free or subsidized charging.

Time-Based Access Control

Change public access based on the day and time for each location.

Session Limits & Idle Fees

Encourage drivers to share the stations by imposing time limits or charging idle fees for drivers staying after their charge has completed.

Revenue Collection & Direct Deposit

Set rates by time or energy used. Revenue collected from charging sessions is remitted via direct deposit to a single bank account.

Tiered Pricing

Set two-tier charging rates with one price for initial time period or energy usage and a different rate thereafter.

Time-of-Use Rates

Manage pricing based on the time of day to accommodate for different utility rates or driver demand.

Analytics & Reporting

View charging session data, utilization, revenue, and sustainability metrics. Download reports and analytics for utility or ESG reporting.

SOC2 Compliance

AmpUp follows SOC2 data security compliance standards to ensure your data privacy.

Multi-User Account

Enable multiple users to see analytics, download reports, and manage charging by adding them as a manager or operator to the account.

Advanced Load Management

Set an energy load cap that manages power across a location to reduce the load on the panel.

Multi-Site Management

Manage multiple locations – floors of a parking garage, areas of a campus, different addresses, or more – as unique areas with potentially different settings. See everything in one dashboard.

Driver & Host Support

Receive support from EV Charging experts by using the help desk or contacting AmpUp.

Remote Troubleshooting

Get alerts, diagnose problems and remotely restart chargers.













Multi-Unit Dwellings

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