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EV Drivers

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Take advantage of our peer-to-peer EV network for a wider range of charging options.

Our service makes it easy to widen your horizons and charge in places you didn’t even know existed. Join the community and open up your EV world.

Get on the Network

It’s as easy as downloading our app, signing up and adding a payment method. The ampUp system takes payment automatically for your charging time, so you don’t have to deal with on-site payments. To make a reservation simply select a charging station, choose your date and time, then click the reserve button. Once you’ve arrived you can begin charging by pressing the check-in button in the app.

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1. No hidden fees – we don’t charge drivers or hosts anything to use our P2P network. We really want more people to go electric and become part of the amazing EV community.

2. Filter by connector type, charging level, network or reservable chargers. Providing a wide range of charging flexibility.

3. Charge at solar powered stations. Simply toggle the solar energy filter to find them in the app.


The ampUp hosts individually decide their charging price, some do not require payment and others donate their proceeds to charity. When you make a reservation, our system calculates the total cost of charging for your selected time period.