How Advanced Connectivity Solutions Are Transforming the EV Charging Industry


Reliable connectivity is key for EV chargers, as any downtime immediately not only impacts the end customer experience, but also revenue for the provider. While there are many technologies to choose from to give charge points Internet access – from WiFi to LoRaWAN to wired -, licensed cellular networks are the best fit for smart, connected EV charging stations for a few main reasons.  

Many deployed units have traditionally relied on Wi-Fi connectivity, which can be limited in range and depends on the functionality of a local router.  Stations utilizing 4G LTE-based SIM cards have data security and privacy advantages over stations utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity.  This is because data sent over these networks is encrypted, making it more secure than data sent using an unencrypted, public Wi-Fi network. Additionally, stations with 4G LTE-based SIM cards can be installed, provisioned, and commissioned more readily than those using Wi-Fi.  

AmpUp has partnered with Twilio on a next-generation EV charging connectivity solution which will deliver greater security, reliability, and uptime for station owner-operators.  Twilio is a company which specializes in connectivity and communication technology solutions and makes this leap possible through their Super SIM product.  The Super SIM goes above and beyond a normal cellular SIM card by bundling hundreds of networks on a single SIM, providing automatic failover in case of outages, and offering local Internet breakouts around the world for lower latency and even better data sovereignty. The automatic failover capability and high reliability resulting from it is key to charge station uptime, which in turn is critical to the electric vehicle transition growing before our eyes. Twilio’s Super SIM gives AmpUp the ability to deploy chargers without the hassle of cellular signal planning, avoiding additional work for the electrician and customer.

Leveraging Twilio’s Super SIM product, customers of AmpUp can expect best-in-class connectivity that meets their EV drivers needs. Benefits include:

  • Worry-free EV driver charging experience
  • Reliable connection for trouble-free install and activation 
  • Increased revenue due to higher station uptime
  • Real-time analytics and remote maintenance
  • Developer friendly for fast integration

Furthermore, Twilio Super SIM gives customers such as site hosts and charge station owner-operators the power of choice: access to multiple best-in-class cellular networks, and the freedom to utilize the most reliable connection at any specific location.  This will guarantee that site hosts and station operators will always utilize the strongest possible signal and ensure reliability during troubleshooting, maintenance, and software updates. This added reliability benefits site hosts and owner-operators by increasing station uptime and revenue opportunities while also giving EV drivers a more dependable charging experience.  

Collectively, all of these features improve general station performance and availability which bolsters trust and confidence in the broader EV charging ecosystem.  It’s an exciting time to be a site host or station owner-operator and these advanced connectivity features are making EV charging station deployment and operation easier than ever.  

If you’re interested in catalyzing the clean transportation solutions of the future by being a site host or owner-operator, we encourage you to review a list of AmpUp’s integrated hardware partners to see which options can best suit your needs.

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