EV Charging Incentive Approval: Update for Q2 2023 at AmpUp


The AmpUp Government and Utilities Team works tirelessly to expand the list of incentives on which AmpUp-powered EV charging stations are approved with our hardware partners. As of the end of Q2 2023, AmpUp stations are approved on 40+ incentive programs across 23 US states and 3 Canadian provinces. 

Reach out to the AmpUp Government and Utilities Team to learn more about incentive programs in your region.

Most recently, AmpUp-powered EV charging stations are listed as approved vendors on the PNM Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate program in New Mexico, and PGE’s Business EV Charging Pilot Program in Oregon. Here’s how you can receive incentives through these two programs:

Get Chargin’ New Mexico!

For interested site hosts in PNM service territory, AmpUp is pleased to announce that we and several of AmpUp’s hardware partners are now approved vendors for EV charger rebates offered by PNM. Founded in 1882, Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) is the state’s largest provider of electricity, serving over 500,000 residential and business customers in greater Albuquerque, Sante Fe, and many other communities in New Mexico.

PNM offers several great EV charger rebates for L2 chargers at workplaces and multifamily dwellings (MUDs). With pleasant weather almost all year round to accommodate charger installation projects – and ample tourism – New Mexico is an ideal place to invest in EV charging infrastructure. Note that charger installations for public use with fee collection will require an external EMV chip reader.

For more information on this program or to begin a rebate application online, please visit PNM’s Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Application

Green and Clean in Oregon!

Oregonian businesses in PGE service territory who are interested in rebates that help offset the cost of new L2 chargers can take advantage of PGE’s Business EV Charging Pilot Program. AmpUp and several of our hardware partners are now approved vendors.

Founded in 1888, Portland General Electric (PGE) provides electricity to over 900,000 customers throughout the state and is committed to helping Oregon meet its climate goals. Multifamily dwelling (MUDs) properties qualify for up to $2,300 per EV charging port installation, while most other property types are eligible for up to $1,000 per qualified L2 charging port. To learn more about this program and to download the rebate application, please visit PGE’s business rebate page online

For EV charging infrastructure deployments in disadvantaged and rural communities in Oregon, site hosts may also receive support from the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Community Charging Rebate Program. The program supports public parking sites and multifamily housing, offering between $4,250 to $5,500 per charging port for L2 charger installations. The application period for this funding closes on October 13, 2023 or when funds are fully allotted. AmpUp and several of our hardware partners are approved vendors for this program, and interested site hosts can apply online on ODOT’s Community Charging Rebate page.

Reach out to the AmpUp Government and Utilities Team to learn more about incentive programs in your region.

EV Charging Incentives Across North America

Electric vehicle incentive programs are deployed by local governments and by regional utilities to encourage EV charging infrastructure accessibility and zero emission vehicle adoption. Incentive programs are a cornerstone of EV charging deployments, and we support our users by seeking pre-approval for AmpUp-powered stations.

Interested in learning more about the incentives in your area? Email gnu@ampup.io to learn more about incentive programs in your region from the AmpUp Government and Utilities Team. 

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