Driving Towards a Greener Future: AmpUp’s Impact on Earth Day 2023 and Beyond


As a leading electric vehicle charging software company, AmpUp is committed to providing easy-to-use climate tech solutions that make a real impact. This Earth Day 2023, we’re proud to reflect on the significant emissions reduction we’ve achieved so far this year, and take a look ahead at our plans to increase our impact.

AmpUp-enabled chargers have already made a significant difference. In the first quarter of 2023, our charging stations across the United States reached 1 GWh of use, resulting in 433 metric tons of CO2 avoided.

That’s equivalent to over 1.1 million miles driven by electric vehicles charged on AmpUp stations, according to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. As the United States continues to electrify its vehicles, each electric car on the road represents a step towards replacing a gasoline-powered vehicle, reducing emissions and contributing to a greener future.

To further put our impact into perspective, the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator reveals that AmpUp’s emissions reduction is equivalent to avoiding the emissions from consuming 48,677 gallons of gasoline, or from burning 484,752 pounds of coal. That’s a significant environmental impact created by AmpUp’s charging stations alone.

Through another lens, the impact from AmpUp charging stations can be compared to positive environmental activities, such as saving the emissions equivalent of 150 tons of recycled waste avoiding the landfill, or switching 16,396 lightbulbs from traditional to LED.

In ecological terms, AmpUp’s emissions savings are equivalent to the carbon sequestered by growing 7,153 trees over 10 years, or the carbon sequestered by 516 acres of forests in the United States.

At AmpUp, we’re not stopping here. We’re looking ahead and aiming to grow our impact by the end of the year. With over 3200 charging stations already implemented across the US in commercial, private, and public settings, our goal is to more than triple that number, thereby more than tripling the emissions avoided by charging electric vehicles on AmpUp’s network.

How can you be a part of this electric vehicle charging revolution? Whether you’re an installer, a property owner, or an EV driver, AmpUp has solutions to make it easy for you to reduce carbon emissions.

For installers, the AmpUp Installer Guide provides step-by-step instructions for easy installation and software setup, so you can get more charging stations up and running quickly.

For property owners interested in starting or expanding their EV charging station availability, our backend charging software demystifies charging station ownership and makes it hassle-free. Not only does the software provide charging station owners with simple charging management tools and clear station maintenance alerts, but you can easily download sustainability reports to measure your own environmental impact and share it with your stakeholders.

And for EV drivers, our AmpUp app helps you to easily find and use AmpUp-powered charging stations in your area and across the country, ensuring that charging is never an obstacle in your electric vehicle ownership experience.

Ready to make a difference and be a part of the AmpUp community? Reach out to us today to learn how you can reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener future with our cutting-edge electric vehicle charging solutions. Join us in our mission to drive positive change and create a better world for generations to come.

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