Check In & Charge Up: EV Charging for Hotels


Each year, millions of Americans and tourists embark on travel and vacations across the United States, making hospitality one of the largest industries in the American economy.  As an illustration of the industry’s sheer size, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) estimates that hotel occupancy will increase to 63.8% in 2023 which would equate to over 1.3 billion annual hotel stays! 

Furthermore, many guests stay at hotels during road trips and need to park their vehicles overnight, which presents a sizable opportunity for hotels to capitalize on this existing parking need that they already serve.  Both as a way to future-proof their properties and provide an essential service to guests of the future, hotels should seriously consider making electric vehicle charging an essential offering for guests going forward for a few main reasons.

AmpUp’s software solution simply makes charging at hotels easy and effortless.  AmpUp has made EV charging easy, reliable, and accessible for several notable hotel brands across the U.S. such as Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Best Western.  The charge management solution provides many useful features to hospitality customers such as smart reservations, access controls, and flexible pricing options if the hotel wishes to bill guests for charging on-site.  Our software can even support syncing EV charging with hotel RFID or NFC key cards, and the property can determine which pricing to apply depending on the customer group.  So if a hotel wished to offer VIP or preferred guests free charging during their stays, the guest could easily access this benefit with a tap of their room card. 

Adding charging also presents a great way for hotels to stand out from the competition and attract the customer of the future.  Not only is EV adoption rapidly increasing nationally, but many rental car agencies such as Hertz have also announced and massive commitments to purchase hundreds of thousands of EVs in coming years.  While average driver is still hesitant to commit to a cross-country road trip in an EV, but hotels with EV charging available for guests would go a long way in alleviating this reluctance.  And even if a hotel chose to charge customers to charge overnight to collect some extra revenue, this is still often much cheaper than filling a tank of gas which presents a win-win for both parties. 

In closing, AmpUp’s charge management solution is a great fit for the hospitality industry and can enable customers to unlock a whole host of features not previously available.  Installing chargers also does not need to be complicated and expensive!  AmpUp is approved on dozens of utility rebate programs across the US & Canada to offset initial costs and has a broad network of trusted installers who can help hotels navigate the journey from an initial site walk to station activation.  If you are a guest, download the AmpUp app or check your area in Google Maps to find charging available near you. 

The coming wave of electric drivers is steadily growing and hotels all across the country will want to satisfy their guests with this convenient and essential amenity of the future.  Hotel managers should navigate to our website or get in touch with a member of our sales team at to learn more about which charging options may best suit their needs.

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