AmpUp Joins the ChargeX Consortium to Shape US EV Charging Policy


AmpUp is proud to announce the company’s participation in the ChargeX Consortium, a pioneering initiative led by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation aimed at revolutionizing the US electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. As a leading provider of innovative charging solutions, AmpUp is dedicated to shaping the future of sustainable transportation. Our involvement in the ChargeX Consortium signifies our commitment to advancing the charging experience for EV users across the nation.

Enhancing the U.S. Charging Experience through Collaboration:

The ChargeX Consortium, led by Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, brings together industry leaders to address three critical challenges in EV charging: payment processing and user interface; vehicle-charger communication; and diagnostic data sharing. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among players who are already driving EV adoption, the consortium seeks to identify and implement solutions to these challenges to accelerate EV industry growth.

Consortium Goals:

The ChargeX Consortium has set forth several goals to drive innovation and improve the customer experience with public EV charging infrastructure in the United States. These goals include:

  1. Ensuring Reliable Charging: The consortium aims to ensure that all public charging stations nationwide successfully charge vehicles on the first attempt, promoting convenience and reliability for EV users.
  2. Customer Experience Enhancement: The national labs, in collaboration with consumer advocacy groups, will develop customer charging experience metrics and collect feedback to track industry improvement over time. This data will inform the development of a voluntary charging station recognition program for operators who provide an excellent charging experience.
  3. Innovative Testing Solutions: To support the expanding EV market, the national labs will develop innovative EV and charger software testing solutions before deployment. This will ensure compatibility between EVs and chargers, ultimately bolstering market growth and customer satisfaction.

EV Industry Leaders Collaborate:

According to Virginia Bodyfelt, AmpUp’s Principal for Government & Utility Partnerships and recipient of AutoTrader’s Top Women in EV 2023, “AmpUp is excited to work with the National Charging Experience Consortium. We will bring innovative ideas that will shape sound charging policies based on our experience as the most deployable EV charging solution on the market today.” She adds, “We hope this initiative leads to a more reliable charging experience for EV drivers and charging station site hosts across the country.”

The ChargeX Consortium has garnered participation from leading organizations representing a diverse cross-section of the electric vehicle industry. Companies and institutions committed to this collaborative effort alongside AmpUp include ABB E-Mobility, BTC Power, ChargePoint, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, New York Power Authority, Rivian, Tesla, Tritium, and more. By joining forces, these industry leaders aim to advance the charging infrastructure and collectively drive the transition to sustainable transportation.

AmpUp’s participation in the ChargeX Consortium demonstrates our unwavering dedication to innovation and improving the EV charging experience. For more information about the ChargeX Consortium or to express interest in joining, visit

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