AmpUp Helps Electrify Domino’s Pizza 🍕


We are thrilled to announce one of Domino’s largest franchise owners has chosen AmpUp to help them manage 50+ charging stations across 4 different states! Domino’s committed to adding 880 electric vehicles to their fleet by 2023 year end in a November 2022 press release.

Customer Need

Technology innovation is not the first thing that comes to mind for a pizza company, however Domino’s has always been on the cutting edge. According to their website, “Domino’s has a rich history of developing innovations that have made a significant impact on the pizza and delivery industries. Is Domino’s a pizza company with great technology, or are we a technology company that just happens to sell pizza? We’ll let you be the judge!”

It is no surprise the global pizza chain yet again took the leap to try something new, and electrifying your delivery fleet is a trend here to stay. AmpUp was excited to learn one the largest franchise owners needed charge stations and charging management software to support the new EVs.

Why AmpUp? 

AmpUp was chosen since the franchise owner needed an easy way to manage over 50 chargers across multiple locations. Using AmpUp’s charging management solutions, Domino’s is avoiding the guess work of EV charging by setting charging schedules, controlling user access, and reading real-time analytics for each store with just a few clicks. The franchise is also leading competing Domino’s locations as one of the first to go electric.

The charging stations also came pre-configured to the AmpUp network, which made for a quick installation and a ready-to-charge experience for the delivery drivers and storefront alike.

Is Your Fleet Going Electric?

Domino’s led by example by demonstrating how food chains can make the transition to electric vehicles. We couldn’t be more proud to make a difference for such an important project and signal to other fleets the time to go electric is now.

If you are a fleet owner or operator considering making the switch to electric feel free to contact us to learn more.

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