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Charging Ahead: AmpUp Provides EV Solution for Stamford's New Transportation Center

AmpUp is at the forefront of revolutionizing electric vehicle (EV) charging and proud to be the EV charging solution for the launch of a key infrastructure project in Connecticut.

AmpUp is proud to power Stamford Transportation Center's new EV charging infrastructure announced by Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont on Monday, February 26th. AmpUp continues to demonstrate our commitment to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

Toward Greener Commutes: AmpUp's Role

EV drivers in Southern Connecticut have faced challenges in finding accessible and reliable charging infrastructure. With the new charging facility at the Stamford transportation center garage, AmpUp is helping to ensure a seamless charging experience for EV drivers. Located directly across Washington Boulevard from the Stamford Transportation Center, the new garage for over 28,000 daily commuters is not just parking—it showcases the future of urban mobility.

AmpUp is proud to play a role in this project with EVSE LLC, who is providing 92 EV chargers for the site for more environmentally friendly transportation methods. In addition, 50 e-bike charging stations and 150 bike racks also highlight the dedication to supporting a variety of sustainable travel options. The inclusion of EV and e-bike charging stations aligns with our mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by increasing the accessibility and convenience of charging infrastructure.

"In Connecticut, you are getting innovative companies that get access to the federal level, the state level, and the municipal level, so that the citizens of the state can get access to one of the top 10 providers of EV (charging) in the state." said Matt McCooe, Chief Executive Officer of Connecticut Innovations. [AmpUp] is the most reliable EV charging provider in the State of Connecticut. We're really proud to have one of Connecticut Innovation's portfolio companies be in the garage and we think it is a real testament to how the state as a procurer of services are thinking innovatively and trying to find ways to support growth in the state."

AmpUp believes that electric vehicles hold the secret to cutting down carbon emissions and paving the way for a cleaner tomorrow. By providing top-of-the-line charging infrastructure, we're making it easier for EV drivers to choose a sustainable way to get around, all without giving up any of the convenience.

Setting New Standards: AmpUp's Visionary Charge in Connecticut

AmpUp’s involvement extends beyond the launch of charging stations. With $1.7 million granted by the State of Connecticut, we are establishing new benchmarks for EV infrastructure. This initiative not only emphasizes our proficiency and the confidence placed in us but also aligns with Connecticut's ambitious aspirations for a more sustainable future. Our comprehensive charging solutions at the Stamford Transportation Center are just the beginning of offering efficient and accessible charging options for everyone. 

AmpUp's Partnerships

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration in advancing the adoption of electric vehicles, our objective is to foster a supportive ecosystem that accelerates the shift toward sustainable mobility. Our partnerships with manufacturers are instrumental in defining the future landscape of electric vehicle charging. Through close cooperation, we ensure compatibility and interoperability between AmpUp’s software, charging infrastructure, and EV models, making the charging process ideal for EV drivers.

IMG_3704 (1)
                                           AmpUp EV chargers in action, providing convenient and sustainable charging options for commuters.

This is just the beginning

The installation of 92 EV chargers manufactured by EVSE LLC will have a remarkable impact on the Transportation Center, providing convenient, efficient, and accessible charging solutions. This is just the beginning as AmpUp continues to expand its footprint across Connecticut while maintaining the dedication to EV Drivers and accelerating the adoption of EVs. We are excited to build a future where electric vehicles are the norm, and sustainable transportation is a reality for all.

Whether you're a business looking to install EV chargers, a community leader interested in green initiatives, or simply someone curious about making the switch to an electric vehicle,

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