AmpUp's New EV Advanced Load Management Feature Helps Customers Save Costs While Meeting Their Charging Needs


AmpUp's innovative cloud-based feature optimizes power distribution, prevents grid overloads, and maximizes cost savings for EV charging networks.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.June 6, 2024 -- AmpUp, the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, today announced the launch of its Advanced Load Management feature, along with two more new product features that optimize EV charging performance and efficiency.

Limited panel and circuit space is a common obstacle for commercial properties with EV chargers. However, AmpUp's cloud-based Advanced Load Management feature addresses this issue. Without the need to spend thousands of dollars on infrastructure upgrades, AmpUp allows customers to deploy more charging stalls and fully take advantage of local incentives. This feature lets customers dynamically control charging power based on available circuit capacity, preventing grid overload, which can lead to power outages, tripping breakers, or burning out panels. By avoiding these risks, customers save money and prevent additional infrastructure damages and demand charges.

AmpUp's Advanced Load Management feature serves as a cost-effective alternative to expensive local load controllers. By dynamically allocating total available electricity, it adjusts in real-time to divide it into streams of varying sizes. This allows for precise distribution of power levels to different EV batteries, tailored to their individual charging requirements. Additionally, this feature empowers customers to set varying load caps, ensuring efficient and customized power distribution.

"Meeting our customers' needs is our top priority, and the new Advanced Load Management feature is a pivotal solution for them," said Tom Sun, CEO and co-founder of AmpUp. "By dynamically allocating power, we can enhance the overall efficiency and user experience of EV charging despite energy constraints. We aim to simplify EV charging while providing the energy balance for a cleaner, smarter grid."

Two more new product features: 

Fee Management
For Pro Plan customers, who have opted for our top-tier premium EV charging solution, AmpUp's new Fee Management feature provides flexibility in handling service and processing fees. Site hosts can choose to cover these fees on behalf of their drivers using their pre-set pricing, ensuring drivers don't incur additional charges. Alternatively, hosts can pass the fees directly to the drivers. This empowers site hosts to customize their pricing strategy while ensuring the sustainability of the AmpUp network and driver satisfaction.

Automated Billing
AmpUp's new Automated Billing feature streamlines the billing process and improves customer operational efficiency. Once EV chargers are installed, site hosts can access licenses and manage billing instantly, as easily as managing other software subscriptions like Zoom. Invoices for customers with payment methods on file renew automatically with sufficient notice, while others can prepay to avoid service disruption.

About AmpUp
AmpUp makes charging effortless. Our mission is to power the EV revolution by radically simplifying EV charging with smart technology solutions that balance energy usage, resulting in a cleaner, smarter grid. With headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, AmpUp's network of thousands of EV charging stations has been deployed for customers across North America, including JLL, CBRE, Domino's Pizza, Goodyear, Under Armour, Hilton, and more. For more information on AmpUp, visit

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