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ampUp Graduates from Y Combinator

ampUp graduates from Y Combinator 2019

We are charged up to be among the startups that made it into the W19 Batch at Y Combinator. There are a lot of great startups looking for YC help and it’s really exciting to have been selected.

About YC

For those who don’t know Y Combinator, they provide seed funding, advice and essential resources to help startups get off the ground. Funding is awarded twice yearly to companies in a variety of industries. You can see why we are thrilled to have them involved.

In Good Company

You can read more about some of the funded startups for this year (including us) on their blog. Or if you like to get in on the ground floor, check out all of the public companies they currently work with.

Many Thanks

Thanks again to Y Combinator for their amazing contribution, we hope to some day make it to their top 100 list!

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