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Reservable Workplace Charging

Workplace charging can be a rare commodity and often employees have to constantly check if chargers are free, interrupting valuable work time. Some workplaces even have dedicated Slack threads or Facebook groups (that oftentimes go unnoticed) to manually organize or coordinate charging at work. Trust us, we’ve experienced it, it’s awful.

There Has to Be a Better Way

Enter ampUp, an app that helps EV drivers schedule and reserve chargers in less than 60 seconds. Gone are the days of annoying group chats, circling the lot waiting for a spot to clear up and getting irritated at that one colleague who likes hogging stations to charge from 85% to a hundred.

Staying in the Know

On top of reservations, the handy notifications feature lets current chargers know when their time is almost up and next driver in line know when they should start walking to their cars to plug in. Now all drivers have to do is check the app, reserve and schedule a convenient time, wait for the notification and charge.

Keeping Everyone Honest

Worried about that person who never checks their phone and leaves their car in the spot for hours? Admin can set penalties for individuals who go over time to ensure rules are followed. Users can also report individuals who take advantage of their benefits.

Maximum Efficiency

EV charger in a parking lotWe understand that many workplaces already have a waitlist feature, so what is the advantage of having reservations? Imagine being in a meeting then suddenly getting a notification that you are next in line. You either have to get in line again or leave your meeting, neither choice is optimal. Reservations let you schedule charging around your own free periods at work and enables you take charge of your own time. We like to think of it as a restaurant reservation where you can book a table online or by phone, then forget about it until your appointment.

Chameleon in Nature

If you’re worried about downloading yet another app just to reserve chargers at work, worry not. ampUp can integrate with most workplace ecosystems and charger equipment so you can keep everything in one workplace application.

Join an EV Community

Not only does ampUp let drivers schedule and reserve chargers at their workplace, but it also provides users with the most extensive EV charger map outside of work. Including a network of hosts who contribute to the EV community by sharing their home chargers. With ampUp, drivers would never have to worry about having enough range to reach their next destination again.

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