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Residential Hosts

EV at sunset

Use your home charger to help fellow EV drivers and pave the way for future generations.

Setting your charger up in the system is easy and we don’t charge anything (to drivers or hosts) for our service. We’d like to see everyone with a charger get involved in ampUp’s true peer-to-peer EV network.

Set up and Pricing

Hosts set the price for use of their charging equipment individually. The system provides hosts a variety of options including hourly fee, free charges or donation of proceeds to charity. Many of our hosts simply want to encourage the growth of clean energy by offering EV owners more charging flexibility.

Listing a charging station is easy, simply add charger details along with any other relevant information (like solar power availability) and select convenient dates/times to make it available.
Car charging in a neighborhood

Resources and Insurance

All residential hosts that sign up for our app are provided a free 30 minute training and on-boarding session with one of our Customer Service Representatives. We also offer simple training videos to help get you started.

Beyond any policy that may come with your equipment, amuUp offers charge equipment insurance to all of our hosts.

Host Responsibility

We love that you want to be part of our P2P network of EV enthusiasts and promise not to ask very much of you as a host. The only responsibility we do ask is that your charging equipment be available during the dates/times you offer it for use. If your charger is located inside a garage or another publicly inaccessible space, let us know and we will help work out a solution that meets your needs.

Management and Payments

Using ampUp’s host management system makes it easy to update the status of your charger. This enables hosts to put their charger on or take it off the map at any time.

Hosts are provided with a wallet where their payments are collected. You can opt for monthly payouts or cash out whenever you like.