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Learn more about our charging partners and how you can be a part of our network.


Certified Charger Partners

We partner with the best, to give you the best.

Prebuilt integrations with Level 2 and DC Fast Charge models

Supported by local and national electrical installers

Flexible payment and financing options

Feature-rich and API-ready

AICPA SOC2 data compliant to secure your data and your customers’ data
EVSE charger, charging electric car.

Supporting electrification, everywhere

AmpUp partners with non-profits, clean city coalitions, and government agencies who share the mission of electrying transportation.

Greentown labs
climate plege
Clean Fuels

Testing with AmpUp is not equivalent to certification. For official certification, please contact OCA.

Test your hardware’s OCPP implementation with AmpUp

A free self-serve test/integration tool for EV chaging hardware suppliers to verify their OCPP implementations against the AmpUp central system.

The AmpUp central system has been tested and integrated with many great brands already.

Don’t get locked in

AmpUp is committed to open standards and protocols to ensure customers have choice and control.

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ampUp API

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