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NOW CHARGING: North America’s Largest Mall!

Edmonton, AB, Dec. 23 2020, — The West Edmonton Mall is now a proud owner of six charge stations! Home to over 800 stores and approximately 31 million visitors per year, the largest mall in North America was keen to provide charging as an amenity to give customers peace of mind while shopping.

The stations, provided by local installer EcoCharge, will be available to both employees and the public via the AmpUp mobile app.

“EcoCharge is excited to launch our Level 2 Charging Stations at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta” said Steven Manchuk, President of EcoCharge. “West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment centre in North America. We are proud to be the FIRST charging stations at West Edmonton Mall.  We couldn’t have done this without great partners like AmpUp.”

A special thanks to EcoCharge, SparkEV, and Juicebar for all the hard work to make this possible!

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