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EV Community Manager

Hassle-Free Management

Manage unlimited chargers, reservations or payments from our easy-to-use web interface.

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Charge Management

ampUp Community Manager is the easy way to manage EV chargers across your organization.

Save employee hours and frustration by using our service.

Available for web, iOS and Android.

Fully Loaded

The ampUp Community Manager comes with many features to make your life easier and more efficient. List chargers, manage reservations and take payments. From anywhere.

We take care of uptime (99%+), upgrades, security and patches.

We are constantly adding new features, at no extra charge.

Your Employees Want It

Given the choice, most people would prefer to drive an electric car. Providing charging services is quickly becoming a company perk offered by the most forward thinking organizations.

When not in use by your employees, you can easily turn on your charger listings and open them up to the rest of the EV community.

Fully Featured

Our goal is to make life easier for those with charging equipment and those who drive an EV. The ampUp system is already loaded with features, in large part because we listen to our community and implement their feedback.

They Need It

Saving your employees time and money allows them to be more efficient at their jobs. Not having to worry about finding chargers while, saving money on travel costs add to overall satisfaction in measurable ways.

Fully Supported

We offer world class support from expert EV owners (yep, we drive them ourselves). Need advice on network management, cost-reduction or charger optimization? We can absolutely help.

Reservable Charging is the Future

There is an ever increasing demand for EV charging, especially away from home. Reservable chargers are a stress free way to make sure electric drivers never run dry or suffer from range anxiety. Cost efficient and profitable peer-to-peer charging services are now an option.

Fast Setup

Our expert team provides set up support for all new ampUp hosts. From hardware to software, we can help get your location installed, insured and running in no time. If you have a charger (or a network of them) we’d love for you to get involved in our EV community!

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