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Individual Electric Car Charging Solutions

Individual Charging

Use your charger to help the community, improve the world and earn extra income.

Make it an EV Future

Use your home charger to help fellow EV drivers and pave the way for future generations.

Simply download our app and add your charger in minutes, we don’t charge anything (to drivers or hosts) for our service. Why not get involved in ampUp’s true peer-to-peer EV network?

Host from Anywhere

Wherever you are located, your charger could be a useful one. Chargers are easy to add, list and share. You control pricing and availability.

Make your charger available to a growing peer-to-peer network of EV enthusiasts.

Available for web, iOS and Android.

Set up and Pricing

Hosts set the price for a charge individually. The system provides a variety of options including fees, free charges or donation of proceeds to charity. Many of our hosts simply want to encourage the growth of clean energy by offering EV owners more charging flexibility.

Listing is easy and can be done via our app. Simply add charger details along with relevant information and select convenient dates/times to make it available.

Charging Equipment

Our system works with all types of chargers, even if they aren’t networked. If you don’t yet have charging equipment, we can help with that too. ampUp is an official reseller for our industry partners and offers a 10% discount if you purchase their charging devices through us.

Plus, beyond the policy that comes with your charger, ampUp also offers equipment insurance to all of our hosts.


We Support You

All hosts are provided a free 30 minute on-boarding session with a member of our expert support team. If your charger is located inside a garage or another publicly inaccessible space, let us know. We will help work out a solution that keeps your location secure and allows access to drivers.

Get on the Map

The ampUp app makes it easy put your charger on or take if off the map with the click of a button. Easily manage every aspect of your charger whether you are on-site or not.

Manage Everything

Our host management interface is full of features and our goal is to make it easy for our hosts to share their chargers while they get on with their life.

The system provides each host with a wallet where their payments are collected. You can set up monthly payouts or cash out whenever you like. We want managing your earnings to be as easy as managing your charger.