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We’d be delighted if you’d join us on our adventure through the world of EVs, chargers and the future of driving.

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The Mission

Our mission at ampUp is to make range anxiety a thing of the past. Founded and run by EV drivers, ampUp was created as a practical solution for a growing problem. Electric drivers deal with specific issues when it comes to filling up and traditional solutions aren’t designed to accommodate those needs. The world is looking for a more flexible, more reliable way to charge their electric vehicles.

The Solution

Our apps enable EV drivers to make reservations ahead of time for the use of peer-to-peer charging stations. Not only does this ensure an open charging space, but the P2P aspect also provides a much larger range of charging locations. Opening up the EV world considerably.

Rent Your Charger

Conversely, if you have a publicly accessible charger, help cover the hefty cost of installation by renting it to nearby electric drivers. Good for you and for fellow EV owners. Not to mention you’d be helping make the world a friendlier place for electric cars in general.

Stay Updated

Many thanks to the users who already use our service and we hope to welcome more every day. If you are an EV driver, please check out our apps (iOS | Android) and let us know what you think. To keep up with ampUp, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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