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ampUp Features

See all the features our ampUp system and apps provide.

Charging Solutions

ampUp offers the world’s largest reservable EV charging network, with fully automated reservation booking and payment.

Reserve and Recharge

The ampUp system was built to provide EV owners more flexible charging options. Easily find, reserve a charger along your route and pay for the service, all in one place.

Charge with public networks, or at one of our ampUp verified private chargers. Plus we are adding more every day.

Fast Moving

The ampUp team is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and incubated by the world famous YCombinator. Our (EV driving) founding team listens to user feedback and constantly pushes out updates to the apps.

Public Charge Networks

+ Chargepoint
+ EvGo
+ Blink
+ Tesla
+ Greenlots
+ Aerovironment
+ OP Connect
+ SemaConnect/SemaCharge
+ GE WattStation

Reserve a charger
Take out the anxiety by reserving your spot!
Navigate to your charger straight from the app!


+ Locate chargers worldwide
+ Reserve
+ Pay with CC (Visa, Master Card, AmEx)
+ Navigate

Compatible chargers
Filter settings automatically adjusted to show only chargers compatible with your car.

Advanced filtering
Use our “Filters” feature to find the charging speed/type that you’re looking for!

Advanced Filtering

+ Fast charging only
+ Not available for all
+ Available chargers only
+ Automatic compatibility check
+ Renewable power source


+ Instantly find available and compatible chargers
+ Thousands of hosts to reserve with
+ 24 hour availability
+ Early check ins
+ Verified chargers
+ Instant charging
+ Reservation notifications and instructions
+ Coupon flow
+ Integrated chargers
+ Bookmarking
+ Login with Facebook
+ Navigate to your charger
+ Plan your road trip


+ Add multiple reservable chargers
+ Host anonymity
+ Share your charger
+ Set your own charging price
+ Donate your earnings
+ Set your sharing schedule
+ Wallet
+ Cash out
+ Yelp integration
+ Verified labels
+ Notifications