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Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Whether you are a driver looking to charge your car, a potential host or a community manager here are some answers that may help.

Driver FAQ

How do I find EV Charging Stations?
You can use our mapping software, available on the web or as iOS and Android apps. You can filter by connector type, charging level, network or reservable chargers.

I want 100% renewable energy for my EV. Is that possible?
Yes, we have charging hosts with solar powered stations. Users can toggle the solar energy filter to find them in the app. Stay tuned, more renewable sources are in the pipeline.

How do I charge and pay? Do I need an RFID card?
You don’t need an RFID or any other card, device or dongle. Simply select a charger and add a payment method to our app. The system will automatically make a payment to the host from your preferred payment option. You can begin charging by pressing the check-in button in the app.

How do I charge at a public network?
You can pay through our app with all of our partners listed on our website. Our team is currently working to establish relationships with all major public networks, but these things take time. You can find public charging stations via our app, but may need to pay using the network itself.

How much do I pay for charging?
Our hosts determine their charging price individually, some do not require payment and others donate their proceeds to charity. When you make a reservation, ampUp calculates the total cost of charging for the selected time period. Our service does not currently charge fees to EV drivers or residential hosts. Any transaction fee incurred comes from the credit card company or payment partners. We are committed to keeping these fees at zero by exploring other sources of revenue for ampUp.

How do I make a reservation?
You make a reservation by selecting a charging station, the date and time, then clicking the reserve button. It’s as simple as that.

Residential Host FAQ

How do I set up my station?
Please refer to our tutorial video. To list a station simply add your charger details/relevant info (like solar power availability) then select the dates and times that work best for you.

How much do I price my charger?
Our system allows you to set your own price for one hour of charging. We don’t charge any transaction fees (to hosts or drivers) and are committed to keeping our service free. If you are uncertain about setting a price, contact us at and we’d be happy to provide recommendations based on your electricity rates/EV charger level.

Can a driver rate their experience with a host?
Drivers can rate their charging experience following each charging session. All host ratings are available on ampUp’s mobile app.

Is my garage and charger insured?
We do offer insurance for our hosts. Please contact us at to learn more.

What happens if I am not home when a user reserves my charging spot?
As a host, it is your responsibility to ensure that the charging spot is accessible during available reservation dates and hours. If your charger is located inside your garage, we recommend leaving the charging cable outside. If this isn’t convenient, please contact us at for additional equipment (i.e. lock box for keys or garage remote).

What if I need to take my charger offline for maintenance or travel?
It’s easy to take your charger offline. From your host menu, simply select ‘make offline’ and your charger will be removed from ampUp’s map until you put it back online.

How do I get paid?
When a driver makes a reservation with your charger, ampUp calculates and shows the driver the total charging cost. That cost is immediately transferred from their preferred payment method to your wallet. You can choose to cash out any time.

Community Manager FAQ

Who handles installation and maintenance of my charger?
We foster a partnership ecosphere and can recommend installers based on the equipment you’d like/your location. Please contact us at and we will put you in touch with the someone good. Maintenance is handled by our charging equipment manufacturer partners.

Is the charger insured?
Typically the charger is insured by both the equipment manufacturer and ampUp. However, insurance coverage depends on each host’s individual site circumstances.

How do I manage the Community charging experience?
Your EV charging community is handled through a web-based management interface. This system allows you to set up whatever charging parameters you need to provide a good experience for tenants, employees, customers, visitors or other stakeholders. Upon activation, you will receive user login information and necessary training.

Who has access to my charger?
You decide who has access to the charger. Our Community Manager enables you to provide access to specific group(s) or the general public. EV drivers can then easily reserve, pay and charge through our app.

Who decided on the price?
You set the charging price. The price can be specific to particular groups, or a flat rate for everyone.

How do I get paid?
As a site host, you have a payment wallet where you receive charging payments. You can set automated payments from it or cash out at any time.