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Charging Station Maintenance Tips

It almost goes without saying that if you are going to have, use or provide charging equipment it needs to be safe to use. Anything with voltage needs to be inspected closely and regularly (especially if you provide it as a service to others). It doesn’t take long for routine upkeep and will keep your equipment doing its best work for longer.

Annual Costs

Beyond the need for replacing chargers, the AFDC estimates about $400 annually per charger in maintenance costs. Which can easily be recovered via charging fees.

Make it Regular

As with any type of equipment, problems can pop up. Performing regular inspections of your equipment and the surrounding area can keep you in the know for any problem areas.

Quick Checklist

1. Visual inspection – check equipment for clean, undamaged and properly functioning components.
2. Environmental inspection – check the surrounding area for cleanliness, accessibility and problematic debris.
3. Equipment inspection – check all charging connections and controls closely for anything broken or dangerous.


Whatever type of charger you have and however you use it, you’ll want to be sure your equipment is secure. If you are providing charging as a service you’ll not only want to make sure charging EVs are secure, but that your equipment can’t be tampered with after-hours. Cable storage is an important element as it is perhaps the most likely to be damaged or stolen.


If you have multiple chargers and offer charging as a service, it might be beneficial for you to network them. Networking and management software allows you to control charging parameters and availability remotely so users to make reservations or pay using their phone.

Equipment Replacement

Even with new tech, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced. The traffic your charger receives will largely dictate charge cord replacements, which isn’t a large expense. Chargers themselves are predicted to have a lifespan of roughly 10 years (which will vary by manufacturer, model and level of usage).

More to Come

As the charger industry grows so will its maintenance needs and we suspect this guide will grow. Please let us know if we’ve missed an important maintenance point or preventative care tip, we’ll add it.

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