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EVs of CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show has always been a place for gadgets and these days that includes EVs. Many of the big names in cars have at least one electric concept, if not several EVs already on the road! Check out some of the futuristic electric models on show at CES 2020 this year.

1. Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

This Mercedes can drive sideways

Inspired by the movie Avatar, the Vision AVTR isn’t your average smart concept car. With intelligent and fully variable torque distribution, the AVTR can move sideways (by around 30 degrees) lending it an almost animalistic feel. On top of that, Mercedes’ revolutionary battery technology for this concept is based on graphene-based organic cell chemistry. This tech could eliminate the need for rare or toxic materials in batteries of the future.

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2. Sony Vision-S

Sony Vision-S first look at CES 2020

This concept isn’t likely to hit the production lines anytime soon, but some of their components may just be in the next electric car you buy. Sony’s newly designed EV platform can be used for a variety of vehicle types and this concept is intended to illustrate future concepts in the mobility sector.

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3. FCA Vision Airflow

Airflow Vision, a sculptural design concept, envisions the next generation

Loosely based on an earlier model called the Airflow (which didn’t do well) the Vision Airflow is a reimagining of the name. Focusing on aerodynamic lines and fantastically futuristic appeal, this could be the EV of tomorrow. Filled with screens inside, the Airflow Vision is meant to seamlessly combine premium transportation and superior user experience.

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4. Fisker Ocean

CES 2020: Fisker Ocean First Look!

According to Mr. Fisker, the Ocean will “combine maximum usability with an unprecedented driving experience.” The new Ocean model features a vegan interior and recycled materials throughout. In fact, they call it the world’s greenest car. Expecting to offer ranges of 250-300 miles on a single charge, the Fisker Ocean will be available in 2022 from $37,499.

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5. Nissan Ariya

Nissan brings the future of mobility to CES 2020

SUVs and crossovers seem to be popular at CES 2020 and here is one from Nissan. Building on their current electric line, this offers an alternative to their popular but compact Leaf. As with many of the concepts on this list, their interior offers synthetic leather.

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6. Fiat Centoventi

CES 2020: This is the Car Fiat Should Make

Developed specifically for Fiat’s 120th year anniversary, this concept takes transportation of the future and personalizes it. The Centoventi base is created to make the car fully customizable to the needs of each user. In fact, they are prepared to offer an unlimited experience in personalization, based on the knowledge and experience of the Fiat brand over the past 120 years.

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7. Audi AI:ME

Audi AI:ME first look at CES 2020

This e-tron hatchback features a variety of futuristic technology and gadgetry, but also focuses on the practical side of futuristic transport. Sticking to their tried and true, this is a vehicle designed for urban life. A hatchback small enough for maneuverability but large enough to be spacious inside. This concept also features VR goggles for their ‘wellness experience’ which is adapted to the movement of the vehicle for an immersive adventure.

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8. Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS

I Found My Dream Electric Car!

Mercedes-Benz has a lot of plans for EVs of the future and CES 2020 featured several of them. The VISION EQS has its foundation in the progressive luxury design philosophy of their EQ models. Future generations of the EQ brand will move towards battery cells produced wholly using power from renewable sources. Making EVs an even cleaner option. The VISION EQS features a combined output of over 350 kW, the performance of a super sports car and a range of up to 430 miles (WLTP).

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9. Byton M-Byte

2020 Byton M-Byte production model debut at CES Las Vegas

The M-Byte was initially revealed 2 years ago and the model that appeared at CES 2020 was the second car rolled off their production line. Byton is a new Chinese electric car company who will soon be selling this model to the European market as well. The M-Byte is not just futuristic, it’s tough. Featuring 286 miles of range, with testing done in the frigid cold of Mongolia and the burning heat of Arizona. Also, the in-car display is unreal. In fact, Byton claims it’s the world’s largest display for a production model.

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10. Ford Mustang Mach-E

2020 CES – Ford Mustang Mach-E

Designed a few blocks from Ford’s first Detroit factory and built from the ground up as an EV, Mustang Mach-E features the spirited ride and handling of this famous line. Let’s face it, people who want a Mustang want performance. So they plan to also release a Mach-E GT, targeting 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds and a GT Performance Edition, targeting 0-60 in mid-3 seconds. Lets see what this pony can do.

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11. Audi e-tron Sportback

Audi e-tron Sportback – SUV Coupé for the e-tron family

Another crossover model, the e-tron Sportback features their signature performance along with luxurious interior space by design. This is a beautiful production model showcasing all the best of the Audi brand. Building from a solid foundation, this is the second model in the E-Tron family, after their flagship E-Tron SUV.

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12. Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T Electric Camper Truck Walk Around

For the more rugged at heart, the electric pickups have finally arrived. Regardless of how you feel about the Cybertruck, truck people are bound to drool over the Rivian R1T. Offering a variety of fantastic features and performance that would make any pickup truck look good, the R1T is also practical. The truck’s interior features premium, utilitarian materials, sustainably sourced wood and more lockable storage than any vehicle in its class. Not to mention that excellent daytime running light which tells the world at-a-glance how much charge you have left.

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13. Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC

Mercedes EQC – POV Test Drive

Not the most spectacular car at the show, but the EQC was the first MB vehicle to come onto the market under the EQ brand. What it lacks in glam it makes up for in drive appeal, according to test drivers at CNET it feels lovely behind the wheel. Mercedes-Benz has straddled the market at CES 2020 with an extremely varied range of electric offerings to drool over. This model providing a practical, useful model for the more understated EV market.

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15. Honda Augmented Driving Concept

CES 2020: Honda Augmented Driving Concept

Honda’s Augmented Driving Concept is perhaps further from production than most of the vehicles from the show, but is an overall reimagining of what future automation may be like. This concept features a reinvented steering wheel, pull to slow and push to accelerate. CES attendees were able to experience a simulated demonstration of the Augmented Driving Concept at the show.

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16. Nissan Electric LCV

First look at Nissan’s fully electric ice cream truck

Perhaps the most fun of the bunch, for this concept Nissan partnered with Mackie’s of Scotland. Mackie’s is an family-owned dairy farm (they make ice cream too) powered by wind and solar energy. The prototype van is based on Nissan’s e-NV200, an electric light commercial vehicle. The concept is a demonstration of Nissan’s Electric Ecosystem, zero-emission drivetrain, second-life battery storage and renewable solar energy generation.

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So Much Future

Every year the cars get even more extreme, what will they come up with next? Be sure to let us know which is your favorite EV of CES 2020.

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