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Your Customers. Charged.

The ampUp system is perfect for workplaces, MUDs, fleets, retail, hospitality, campuses, commercial, real estate and smart cities.

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Intelligent Access Control

Secure who uses your chargers and how they are used with simple access groups and multiple pricing tiers.

There are countless reasons why controlling access makes your life easier. Set different rates and access variables for employees, fleets or the general public. Use our simple online tools to get the most from your network.

Access Control


Triple charger utilization and allow your community to schedule charging as easily as booking meeting rooms.

Are your employees coordinating amongst themselves in adhoc methods?

Let ampUp help your employees schedule charging as easy as scheduling a meeting.



Compatible with many different hardware vendors. Our à la carte software gets you exactly what you need.

Regardless of your location, equipment or requirements, the ampUp team will be there to support you.

The best pricing in the market.

We are able to achieve this as our features can be cherry picked and run on many compatible chargers (EVSEs) from different providers.


The ampUp services features advanced openADR features like bi-directional charging & solar synchronization.

Solar Synchronization

Sync your chargers with solar production and have ampUp keep your users informed. With ampUp you can enable opt-out functionality where if an user can opt out of charging reduction in case of a special need. Please also check out the discounts you can get via ampUp from Sunrun and Luszol.

Load Management

Put a cap on overall load(kW, amps) to avoid expensive panel/grid upgrades. This cap can also be modified and applied in realtime, along with multiple options for power distribution to the chargers/plugs on site (round-robin, user-decided, battery-level-prioritize).


connect your smart chargers/EVSEs to utilities for additional energy efficiency benefits. Learn more about openADR.

Modular Convenience

Our modular software enables custom experiences, allowing for the needs of multiple managers. This provides a great deal of flexibility whether you'll be actively managing the charging process, or prefer us to do it for you.

The ampUp service is EVSE agnostic, we work with a variety of industry partners and support all types of chargers. Getting multiple chargers set up in the system is simple and we won't charge you (or the drivers) any hidden fees for our service.

Maintenance and Management

Our management interface enables hosts to set up charging parameters for the use of multiple chargers. You to decide charger hours of use and who has access to your equipment. Then simply set the dates and times your charging equipment is available.

Once your chargers are listed, EV drivers can easily reserve, pay and charge at your location using our app. Whether or not you are present at the location.

Equipment and Insurance

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have charging stations, we can get you into the network. Our team of EV Charging advisors can recommend equipment for your location/needs along with good installers to get you going. Purchase equipment through ampUp from one of our official partners and receive a 10% discount.

Chargers are typically insured by their equipment manufacturer, although ampUp offers additional insurance for all of our hosts.


Payment System

Drivers pay for their charge directly into the ampUp system, so you don't have to be physically present to collect payment.

All of our site hosts receive a payment wallet where their charging payments are collected. It's easy to set up automated payouts or hosts can cash out at any time.

You Have Our Support

Receive personalized one-on-one training with our EV Charging advisors. We help set up the initial parameters for your location and provide basic system training. Once you are up and running, management is as easy as toggling your chargers on or off the public map.