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Patent pending charger management design and software that includes OCPP 1.6j. We are a member of openADR.

Intelligent Access Control

1. Access Group(s)

Differentiate your users into different groups and optionally assign group special rates.

2 ways of creating access groups.
– Access code
– Admin approval

G1: “Fleet” – FREE
G2: “Staff” – $1/hr (or $0.03/kWh)
G3: “Public” – $3/hr

2. Access Restriction(s)

Restrict access by defining time ranges. Then add access group(s) to the access restriction.

“Fleet only” – 5am to 8am
Allowed group(s): “Fleet”

“Business hour” – 8am to 5pm
Allowed group(s): “Fleet”, “staff”

Hours outside of access restrictions are defaulted to public.

3. Management

– Unlimited number of access groups and restrictions
– Changes applied in real time
– Monitor usages and manage via ampUp Community Manager


Reserving a charging spot is as easy as booking a room for a meeting.

ampUp managed reservable charger handles both
– Reservations
– Spontaneous sessions

Modes of Scheduling

Enable X out of Y chargers with reservations, where X < Y. ampUp assigns reservations to chargers flexibly, which means the user can plug into any vacant charger.
Special Condition
Allow reservation IFF
– Some access group
– If battery level is <=10%
Fully Reservable
Enable all chargers with reservations.
– Session duration limit
– Overstay penalty
– Grace period


Pick & mix chargers
Use the community manager
Manage your users & chargers

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