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The ampUp Charging Commitment

Charging EV

Reducing range anxiety is why we get up in the morning.

The team at ampUp works hard to provide the most complete EV charging and infrastructure experience across all segments of our business. Our peer-to-peer network of chargers provides wider access to EV drivers, while allowing hosts to easily share their idle chargers.

For Drivers

Our EV Driver app is designed with a user-first mindset. We wanted to create a seamless sign up, reservation, payment and overall charging experience. The ampUp network follows a stringent privacy policy to ensure our drivers and their data are well protected.

For Hosts

Our Community Solution Suite is modular and customizable to each individual site host’s needs or preferences. We consider information to be a critical component of EV charging infrastructure. So you can rely on us to provide unbiased recommendations about electric vehicles, charging equipment and any other relevant information. Our expert Customer Service Team will be there for support the entire way.

Get in Touch

Our team is available 6AM- 5PM PST in the US and 9AM to 8PM in Europe. We can provide support in over ten languages including: English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Greek.

E-mail us at:
Call at: +1-415-226-9829