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Businesses That Should Consider Installing EV Chargers

As EVs become more mainstream many different types of businesses will want to consider installing their own electric vehicle charging equipment. Almost any place people drive to spend their time is a useful place for a charger. Allowing customers and employees to charge without disruption to their life. There is a long list of businesses that could benefit from installing EV chargers, here are a few of them.

Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Man on a golf course
This is one place people enjoy spending a few hours and finishing a good game can only be made better by leaving with a fully charged EV. Golf courses generally have space to work with, so installing a charger or two doesn’t take parking spots away from non-EV clientele. Creating a convenient location for golfers to get charged while they relax on the green.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Woman at the gym
Another space where clients are eager to spend an hour or two away from their vehicles. While gyms may not have the same level of available space as golf courses, many can afford to sacrifice a parking spot or two for EV drivers. Often gyms are located in high-traffic areas which can help keep chargers pumping full-time.

Spas, Salons and Barbershops

Man getting his beard trimmed
We all know that the beauty industry takes its time, so it’s the perfect opportunity for clients to charge up. Making your salon or barbershop the place to be for EV drivers could provide the edge that makes your business model even more successful.


Marina boats at sunset
Boat owners spend a lot of time at marinas and this is another location that often has space to spare. Especially as the EV market moves into bigger vehicles that can be used to tow boats. In fact, boats of the future may feature small electric vehicles for use when in port.

Inns or Bed and Breakfast

Lakeside inn
Regardless where your little slice of heaven is located, sooner or later you will start to see EV clients. Providing charging equipment for them can be a handy bonus to anyone taking a room, especially if your business is pushing an eco or environmental angle.

Airbnb Hosts

Beachside house
Even small-scale residential businesses can benefit from charging equipment installation. A level 2 charger will charge most vehicles roughly overnight and in the end is a great way to plan for the future. Even when your rental isn’t in use, you can plug your charger into public charging maps to keep it earning.

Cafes, Coffee Shops and Restaurants

People eating breakfast
These are obvious businesses that can benefit from EV charging equipment. Customer turnover times are perhaps shorter, but fast chargers can do the job fairly quickly. Allowing people to charge their EV while they eat on their lunch break is useful to a wide range of electric drivers.

Bowling Alleys, Ice Rinks, Skating Rinks and Miniature Golf

People at a skating rink
These businesses may be a bit old school to consider such new tech, but maybe that makes it an even more kitsch idea. Either way, these fun centers provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Charging their EV up in the parking lot seems like an added benefit to customers, especially when considered that these businesses often have space to spare.


People playing poker
The whole point of a casino is to make the player forget about time (and loose money, of course) so they often spend hours away from their vehicle. Make your casino clients feel like they’ve won by leaving with a charged vehicle, no matter how they did at the tables.

Doctors and Dentists Offices

Doctor with newborn baby
Going to see someone with a doctorate and a white jacket is not always a fun trip. However it often takes an hour or two to complete the process so it’s a great place for EV drivers to have the option to charge their cars. Businesses that provide necessary services will always see a variety of traffic where chargers are bound to be kept busy.

Parking Lots and Garages

A stacked parking garage
This one sort of goes without saying, in the future all parking garages will provide charging capability. In fact if you think about it, parking garages and parking lots are sort of gas stations of the future. Wherever your parking lot is located, it needs a charger or two.


College students laughing
Almost any type of school can benefit from the installation of EV charging equipment. From grade school teachers to university students, the people that spend time at schools often feel strongly about environmental issues and are likely to drive EVs. Allowing them to charge while on campus might even make them want to be at school more often.

Wedding Venues

People making a wedding toast
It may sound like a strange business to include on our list, but weddings take time and many people drive to them. Providing that extra touch to wedding guests can be made a part of the ‘eco wedding package’ or simply an added benefit sold by the venue that thinks of everything.


Theater full of people
From movie theaters to broadway, clients that visit them spend hours enjoying their offerings. Providing there is space, almost any theater can benefit from a charger or two and their clientele are likely to be EV owners (or at least considering becoming one). Help them decide to go electric by allowing them to charge while being entertained.

RV Parks and Camp Sites

Couple sitting outside an RV
Many of the smaller vehicles RV owners tow around with them are electric these days and that trend is soon to grow exponentially. As these businesses are likely to have plenty of space for it, installing a few charge points is likely to become more and more useful to future campers.

Where Else?

EV drivers will largely drive this market. Where is it most convenient to charge your EV and where do you wish there were chargers? Letting us know which businesses you think would benefit from charging equipment the most.

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