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Business Solutions

ampUp exists to support the EV driving community. Our goal is to make charging accessible and seamless for every EV driver. We are dedicated to helping your business make customers happy by providing solid solutions for your specific needs, from choosing the best chargers to managing them remotely.

Charging Management Solutions

Built for any sized company, our premier B2B solution helps companies provide hassle-free charging to the EV driving community. Try one of our bundles below, or choose the right features for you with our Modular System.

Community Basic

Ideal for single site locations and less than 5 charging stations

Community Manager

Similar to Community Basic but packed with more goodies

Campus Manager

Ideal for multiple site locations and 5+ charging stations

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Flex Your Chargers

There is no reason for chargers to sit idle. Adding them to our peer-to-peer network can keep your chargers working for you while maximizing the potential of your equipment. Check out our range of service providers and partners.

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Intelligent Access Control

Our dynamic access and pricing lets you manage who uses your chargers, when they can use them and how much they will pay. Our app allows users seamlessly access chargers and pay in-app.

Access control

Charge More With Less

On average, a semi-private charger only charges 1 car per day. The ampUp scheduler can triple utilization of your charger while our app helps provide a smoother user experience.


Extremely Competitive Pricing

Save on costs by selecting only the features that matter to you the most or by choosing among bundles that suit your needs. Pick from our wide range of compatible hardware to build exactly what you need.


Share and Receive Returns

ampUp’s dynamic access and pricing allows hosts to share their chargers with the general public at specific hours and rates. Recoup your hardware investment faster and let the software pay for itself.


Comprehensive Services

Partnering with ampUp takes the guesswork out of charger management, reservations and even maintenance at scale. Streamlining the charging process can save a great deal of time, energy and overhead for multiple locations. ampUp operates in many verticals.

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More Features

Easy Maintenance
We have a network of reliable partners worldwide which can help with charger maintenance.

Maximize Utilization
We make sure that you get the highest utilization out of your current chargers before installing more.

Better Organization
Save time using our software to coordinate times and prices along with a variety of other variables.

Use Your Own App
ampUp sdk lets you integrate some ampUp functionality into your own app, further streamlining the process.

Flexible Network
Add as many chargers as needed and easily manage them all from one convenient, organized location.

Many Charger Brands Covered
Our system is integrated with many charger brands, so you can control all of them in one place.

Set Penalties
Ensure EV owners are respectful of others’ reservations by setting penalties if they go overtime.

Get Notifications
Charger not being used? We can notify the community, so nearby EV drivers know that it’s there.

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Keep Them Charging

Host as many or as few chargers as you need to, they can be toggled on or off the map individually. Manage all of it in one place through our simple management interface.

How it Works

1. ampUp does an assessment of your current charging stations (if any) and facilities. Take the quiz here.

2. We recommend to install new chargers, or replace/remotely update currents ones as necessary. You will be able to choose from multiple ampUp hardware partners.

3. Using ampUp’s community manager/enterprise solution, you can change access control, pricing, power throttling, etc.

4. EV owners install and create an ampUp account, then reserve and pay through the mobile app in seconds

Want to find the right solution and chargers for your business?

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