AmpUp Launches EV Fleet Charging Solution


CUPERTINO, CA — AmpUp, a leading electric vehicle charging provider, today unveiled AmpUp Fleet Manager, the company’s new EV charging fleet solution. AmpUp Fleet Manager is designed to serve fleets small to large, scalable to meet client’s needs from a few electric vehicles to hundreds.

AmpUp Fleet Manager offers industry-leading features to maximize vehicle and maintenance efficiency, including:

  • Patented driver access and reservation feature

  • Adaptive load management and charger prioritization

  • Vehicle telematics and charge scheduling 

  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) integration

  • Tailored optimizations for energy and operations

These features are being used or piloted with existing AmpUp customers, such as the University of Illinois and the St. Louis SiLVERS Project – a fleet project for seniors in partnership with General Motors, Ameren, The Department of Energy, and Forth Mobility.

“AmpUp is extremely proud to build off prior success with a fleet charging solution to meet growing demand from the market and our customers.” said CEO of AmpUp Thomas Sun. “Providing an open and flexible solution allows AmpUp to meet fleet clients’ many specifications on charging hardware and operator controls tied to ridesharing, delivery, utilities, and municipalities.”

AmpUp Fleet Manager follows early success from the company’s award-winning Community Manager solution, which has served workplaces, universities, multi-unit dwellings, retail, municipalities, and light-duty fleets to date. AmpUp’s charging network powered over 340,000 electric miles in 2021, an estimated 142 metric tons of CO2 saved. The company’s software is integrated with over 20 charge station manufacturers and used by several Fortune 500 companies across North America.

For more information read AmpUp’s blog post ‘How To Prepare An EV Fleet’ or visit

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