AmpUp Spring Update 🌼


It has been a busy past few months to the AmpUp team! We’ve added new team members, presented at numerous industry conferences, and even gathered in person for a long overdue team outing. We’re thrilled to share our biggest milestones and relevant industry news as we continue to provide smart and simple charging solutions for all.

Now Charging: New Balance World HQ 👟

New Balance, one of the oldest sports footwear and apparel brands in the country, is going electric with new charging stations at their headquarters. The project was completed earlier this spring to provide employees and guests a frictionless charging experience. A special thanks to our partners JuiceBar EV for helping electrify one of the most iconic buildings around Boston!

Tackling Climate Change With Google ✅

In case you missed it, AmpUp was selected by Google for their Climate Change accelerator in April. The program kicks off in June, packed with educational and collaborative sessions to bolster all areas of our business with like-minded entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to work with Google further on technology to better our planet. Read more about the program on Google’s blog post.

Strong Q1 EV Sales Spur US & Global Growth ⚡️

Electric vehicles continue to sell at a rapid pace, with Q1 2022 setting records for new car sales both in the US and globally.  Atlas EV Hub reported that March of 2022 was a record-setting month for US electric vehicle sales with around 82,000 sold – 10,000 more cars than the previous record month!  We were also excited to see EVs also reached nearly 7% of new cars sold in the US with states like California and Washington reaching adoption rates as high as 18% and 10%, respectively.

The United States weren’t the only country with record-breaking numbers however. Almost 2 million EVs were sold globally in Q1 according to insideEVs (an 82% increase over the 1.1 million sold in Q1 2021), with the “Big 5” of Tesla, BYD, SAIC, Volkswagen, and Geely-Volvo selling over 1.03 million units, or about 52% of all vehicles.  New EV sales are projected to continue growing steadily in future quarters, especially if supportive incentives and policies are enacted, so it will only become increasingly vital that charging infrastructure is deployed as widely and equitably as possible.

AmpUp Receives ENECHANGE Honouree Award 🏆

The ENECHANGE Insight program was created by a team of entrepreneurs, analysts, researchers, and experts in the energy sector with a goal of facilitating international collaboration and business development – particularly in Japan. We are humbled to accept their Honouree Award for promising clean energy companies.

“AmpUp is proud to be selected as an ENECHANGE Insight Ventures Honouree. As an EV charging software provider, we are eager to work with government and businesses to help Japan decarbonize transportation and make EV charging commonplace for decades to come.” – Tom Sun, CEO & Cofounder of AmpUp. Read more about ENECHANGE and the award.

What We’re Reading  📰

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🔗 Stripe, Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and McKinsey launch new carbon removal initiative (The Verge)
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🔗 Tesla Removes Home Charging Connector From New Vehicle Sales (Forbes)

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