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InsideEVs Features ampUp

The mission at ampUp: Increase EV adoption, one shared charger at a time.

All of us at ampUp have been fans of InsideEVs for a long time, so we are super excited to announce our guest post with them. Even more exciting, this is our first published article, ever!

The Scoop

The article provides some insight into the conception of ampUp as a personal solution for a very real world problem. This particular challenge is experienced by electric drivers across the globe: finding available chargers. Our team is comprised of EV drivers who fully understand the need for more flexible charging solutions and that’s what we want to provide.

Also, Our First Video

It’s not very long, so please give it a view. We really want to help simplify electric vehicles for everyone, so there is a lot more (of everything) to come.

Our first video, featuring Jules & Tom amassed nearly 2,000 views overnight.

Charge Up

We hope everyone will go read the full article about us on Inside EVs. Many thanks to Inside EVs & Tom Moloughney for being one of the first to get our story out. If you are an EV driver, be sure to download our app (iOS | Android) and let us know what you think. Also, stay updated with the latest from ampUp by following us on on Twitter.

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