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Intelligent Access Control

Intelligent Access Control

Control who can use which chargers and when.

Make Your Chargers More Dynamic

Do you have different groups of users in your site or community that need prioritized/dedicated access and special pricing? Use ampUp’s dynamic access and pricing to set up access restrictions and access groups.

For Example:

Group 1 Fleet

24/7 access, free of charge

Group 2 Employees/Staff

24/7 access, business hours $1/hr or $0.12/kWh, general access hours $3/hr or $0.35/kWh

Group 3 General Public

non-business hours access only (6pm to 8am M-F & weekends), $3/hr or $0.35/kWh (sharing doesn’t have to be a cost to you)

Control Every Aspect

– Slice time into any ranges to restrict access.
– Set up any number of access groups paired with different pricing.
– Settings can be changed and applied in real time.
– See usage breakdown in real time.

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