About Us

Founded in 2018, AmpUp was created by nomad EV drivers to solve a personal problem that many others experience: owning electric cars without a home charging setup. Based in Cupertino, California, and incubated by YCombinator, AmpUp began to decrease range anxiety and provide an important service to the EV community – a peer-to-peer EV charging network.

Today, AmpUp is committed to EV charging for communities of all shapes and sizes. As an electric vehicle (EV) software company we enable drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge stress-free. Our technology gives businesses and property owners the ability to efficiently manage multiple charge stations in one place. Advanced features, such as smart scheduling, dynamic access control and energy optimization provide site hosts more flexibility and affordability for their charger investment. Our community and fleet management system also allows site hosts to participate in AmpUp’s peer-to-peer charging network, the largest and fastest growing in the world.